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Wedding and Honeymoon

Richard the Lionheart chose Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, to marry Queen Berengaria.

Thu, 10 Sep

Why Choose Cyprus for Marriage?

Do you know why couples choose Northern Cyprus to get married? Because the lion-hearted Richard chose Cyprus, the birthplace of Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite, to marry Queen Berengaria. Since then it has been the place where couples want to get married. Wedding organizations have become an industry in their own right in the island country where couples perform both wedding and wedding ceremonies due to both its destination and the convenience of its laws.

The Marriage in Cyprus is Valid All Over the World

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey who want to get married officially in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus can have their marriages done at the Nicosia Consulate General, the marriage is valid before all laws of the world. The laws of Northern Cyprus have been prepared on the basis of English laws and all documents are prepared in English. For this, if you are a citizen of either the United Kingdom, the USA or any of the European countries, your marriage in Northern Cyprus will be valid all over the world.

Wedding and Honeymoon

What are the conditions of marriage in Cyprus?

One of the conditions that couples who decide to get married in Northern Cyprus have to comply with is that they first arrive on the island at least 6 days before the wedding. It is obligatory to have all the documents required for marriage, such as birth certificates, passport, forms given by the marriage office to be filled, and a divorce paper indicating that there is a divorce if there is a previous marriage.

Imagine a Wedding You Will Have Fun

There are wonderful venues in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus where you can make all your invitations such as weddings, engagement parties and henna nights. By the sea, on the pier, on the beach, by the pool or in the ballroom, wherever your dream venue is, your dream of a wedding where you will have fun to the fullest will come true. And for all these, wedding package options that fit every budget are also available.

Bellapais Monastery, Witness to Your Happiness

Dozens of historical addresses are ready to be your witness for those who want to say yes to happiness in special places, especially Bellapais Monastery.

Country Wedding Weather Is Also A Perfect Option

A Country Wedding Weather Is Also A Perfect Option

The golf course located in Esentepe, on the green foothills, where the Beşparmak mountains meet the cold blue waters of the Mediterranean, can be a perfect option in the mood for a country wedding.

As long as you ask for support, the people of the island are with you

If dealing with wedding preparations is not for you, there are both professional addresses and the people of the island. Organization companies are making all the preparations for a ceremony that you and your loved ones will never forget. With the respect for marriage in Turkish culture and Turkish hospitality, the people of the island will not leave you alone in this troubled period, as long as you ask for their support.

There Are Too Many Alternatives In Cyprus

The indispensable preparations of weddings, florists, hairdressers, pastry chefs, cooks to prepare meals, photographers, artists who will cheer the wedding with their songs are ready according to your wishes, and don't forget that you can't get married without a Turkish bridal bath! You can choose a disco or a fun venue for your henna night or bachelorette party because you have so many alternatives.

We Have Prepared One Of The Wedding Packages For You

In the all-inclusive package among wedding packages that fit every budget, all the details are presented ready-made without stress. The package includes a private car or horse drawn carriage for the bride and groom, a champagne wedding ceremony, a cocktail after the ceremony, and a wedding dinner. There are all the details that even you can forget, such as cake, bridal flowers, decoration of the hall, stage, live music, entertainment, fireworks.

Fashion Cyprus at Elegant Weddings

The packages that have seen the highest demand in the island recently are flamboyant weddings. Northern Cyprus has become a fashion for glamorous weddings, where guests from many Middle Eastern countries, especially India, are hosted. It is possible to find everything that a wedding should have in ceremonies, festivals, parties and celebrations organized according to the traditions of each country in the hotels and facilities reserved only for the guests of the wedding host. Apart from this, you can get married according to your own traditions with less cost in the island country of Cyprus, which is one of the most preferred countries for modest weddings for 30-40 people.

Your honeymoon will be the best moment you will tell your children

Your Honeymoon Will Be The Best Moment You Will Tell Your Children

Honeymoon is undoubtedly a very important and very costly issue among the wedding plans of the couples. The newlyweds decide in Northern Cyprus as they can have both a dream wedding and a honeymoon. The time you spend in the honeymoon room of a five-star hotel with reasonable numbers and you will relieve your wedding fatigue with pleasure will be the most beautiful moment you will tell your children in the future. Your choice for wedding and honeymoon is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for sea, sun, sand and more.

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