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For those who want to buy a house in America, there is a noteworthy name in Forbes' "5 Affordable Places to Buy Real Estate Abroad in 2024" list: Northern Cyprus. Offering a striking savings of 47% compared to the US market, this hidden...

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Fri, 12 Jan 2024

Discover wonderful places in Iskele: Sea, nature, peace and fun all together! In this article, you will find the most beautiful points.

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Tue, 12 Dec 2023

North Cyprus can be described as the hidden treasure of this beautiful island country, often considered as the pearl of the Mediterranean. This enchanting region is a paradise filled with history, natural beauty, and cultural richness....

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Thu, 19 Oct 2023

Northern Cyprus is one of the hidden pearls of the Mediterranean and is the dream of holidaymakers every year. In the summer of 2023, Northern Cyprus is preparing to offer an unforgettable holiday experience with its beauties and...

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Fri, 7 Jul 2023

The TRNC is a country that accepts passport-free passes from Turkey. In other words, you can enter the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with an identity card or, if you wish, with a passport.

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Mon, 5 Jun 2023

the state airport of Cyprus, takes its name from Air Pilot Senior Major Fehmi Ercan, who was martyred on the first day of the Peace Operation.

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Mon, 29 May 2023
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