Best Cyprus Hotel Deals - Cyprus Journey

Cyprus, a natural wonder, welcomes hundreds of tourists every year. The long beaches, natural beauties, shopping opportunities and entertainment life of Cyprus are of great interest to many. Moreover, to travel from Turkey to Cyprus,...

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Thu, 21 Apr

You can have fun and have a pleasant time in Cyprus, which is famous for its entertainment life and festivals. Cyprus hosts many festivals and cultural events that attract hundreds of local and foreign tourists every season of the year.

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Mon, 4 Apr

In addition to textile products of world-famous brands, there are souvenirs made of silver, copper, wood carving and ceramics in Cyprus. You can make your loved ones happy by purchasing special products made by hand.

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Tue, 29 Mar

Spa & Beauty, which we hear frequently today, has now become a necessity rather than a luxury service. The excess of desk jobs due to people working during peak hours, the spread of the service sector, and white-collar occupations;...

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Mon, 14 Mar

Cyprus is a very active holiday destination and activities are constantly organized for it. Tourists both have fun and vacation at the same time. It is the dream of all of us to spend the holiday to the fullest and we also want to relax...

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Thu, 17 Feb

Cyprus generally welcomes thousands of tourists in the summer months. Thanks to the abundance of historical buildings and the unique feeling that these buildings give to individuals, it fascinates tourists.

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Mon, 7 Feb
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