Why North Cyprus - Cyprus Journey

Why North CyprusThere are multiple reasons to choose life in Northern Cyprus. First of all, investing in Northern Cyprus is among the most logical decisions you can make. If you say why should I invest in Northern Cyprus, Northern Cyprus is among the rare countries that provide rapid return on investment.

Northern Cyprus is among the most reliable places and it is the 3rd country in Europe with the lowest crime rate. Why it is politically safe among other reasons of Northern Cyprus for investment, VAT rates, real estate purchase and sale title deeds, guaranteed rental income, real estate tax rate of 1%, visa-free access for citizens of all Eastern European countries, compared to Europe Real estate prices are more affordable and reasons such as high rental income are listed one after the other.

On the other hand, Northern Cyprus is known as an island of tourism and education. In the past 5 years, Northern Cyprus has experienced a great leap and growth in the tourism sector.

In almost every region, a wide range of products suitable for tourists and attractive prices are offered. In addition, there are well-equipped universities in Northern Cyprus for quality education and a pleasant student life. Since it is a country preferred by many people and different races, your university life will have a chance to live in different cultures.


Why i go North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus radiates happiness and trust. As a result of the researches, it is the 5th most reliable country among 106 countries. On the other hand, Cyprus ranks first among countries with a population of less than 5 million.

North Cyprus is the only address for those who want to spend 365 days as a holiday. There are thousands of reasons to live here. We can tell you a few of these reasons; deep blue seas, golden sands and sunny days are among the biggest reasons.

On the other hand, you will be able to enjoy being in Northern Cyprus with the attraction of the entertainment industry, dishes that will appeal to your taste, different sports activities, unique history and friendly island people that will make you feel at home.

North Cyprus is among the first choices of people who want to invest. The high rental returns and the rapid return from the investments made it attract attention especially with its strategic location.

Northern Cyprus, which was in the hands of different civilizations in different periods, has hosted many cultures and still carries traces of its past. Its magnificent historical buildings, combined with unique nature, provide a complete visual feast. North Cyprus will be your best address for an unforgettable holiday and unique experience.