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Mavi Köşk Visiting Hours - Fee - Location?

Mavi Köşk is one of the must-see places for people going to Cyprus. This point, which attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists,

Thu, 27 Apr 2023

Mavi Köşk Visiting Hours - Entrance Fee - Where and How to Get There?

Mavi Köşk is one of the must-see places for people going to Cyprus. This spot, which attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists, also draws in with its legendary story. We recommend that you add the Mavi Köşk to your list when creating your Cyprus travel plans. In this way, you can have an unforgettable holiday and increase your cultural accumulation.

Where is Mavi Köşk?

You can get there from Mavi Köşk, Girne, Güzelyurt by taking the mountain road. The distance between the Mavi Köşk in Çamlıbel and Girne takes approximately 45 minutes. You can use your own personal vehicle to visit the Mavi Köşk, or you can participate in tours. Tours are done by taxi. You can travel between 1 and 4 people for the same price. In addition, joining the tour with the tour allows you to learn many details about the region. The tour takes approximately 3 hours.

What is the Importance of the Mavi Köşk?

One of the important features of the Mavi Köşk is that it is an invisible castle. The mansion is absolutely invisible no matter where it is viewed from. Providing security is among the reasons why the mansion is not seen from afar. Guests who come to the mansion can easily see the Bosphorus and mountain views from the inside. We can say that Mavi Köşk is a design wonder with all its details. Let's come to the important features of the mansion. This mansion is an example museum in the hands of Turkish soldiers. Military personnel will accompany you for a tour. Many details have been carefully considered in the interior decoration as well. This building, which gives importance to decoration, amazes those who see it with its different features, even though it is like a home.

Mavi Köşk Visiting Hours

Mavi Köşk Ziyaret Saatleri

You can visit the Mavi Köşk every day of the week from 09:00. The pavilion serves until 18.00. Let's just say that the mansion is closed on Mondays. We would like to open parenthesis on an important issue here. Mavi Köşk is located in the military zone. Therefore, you must have your ID with you to travel.

Mavi Köşk Entrance Fee

The fee for visiting the Mavi Köşk varies from time to time. Let's say that the prices are around 5-10 TL on average.

What is the Mavi Köşk Story?

The story of the Mavi Köşk is quite interesting. Visitors to the region want to both listen to the story and feel the texture closely. We can say that the Mavi Köşk is the most interesting place you can see in Cyprus. Because this mansion is known as the place of arms smugglers. Paolides, of Italian origin, who is the lawyer of Makarios, smuggles smuggled weapons into Cyprus. Paolides, who had the mansion built with the money he earned by selling weapons, continues his life in pleasure and pleasure, while the Greeks use these illegal weapons on the Turks. For this reason, the museum is also known as the Ibret Museum. Paolides fled this mansion, which he loved so much, during the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation.

Mavi Köşk Architectural Features

Blue Kiosk Architectural Features

The exterior of the mansion consists of blue and white colors. There are 16 rooms in the 2-storey mansion. Photography is strictly not allowed inside the mansion. All the belongings of the owner of the mansion are original and there are also sections with secret corridors. It is not known exactly what happened in the hidden cover at the head of the mansion owner's bed.

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