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Historical Places of Kyrenia That Must be Visited

Kyrenia is extremely interesting with its historical and touristic places waiting to be discovered. People who make their holiday plans Kyrenia is good to go.

Sat, 8 Apr 2023

Historical Places of Kyrenia that must be visited

Kyrenia is extremely interesting with its historical and touristic places waiting to be discovered. People who make their holiday plans or one-day getaways to Kyrenia have a full holiday experience. In this article, we will provide information about historical places waiting to be discovered in Kyrenia.

  1. Bellapais Abbey

Bellapais Monastery is located 5 km from the town center of Kyrenia. Built in 1160, the structure consists of sea and mountain views. The building, which has witnessed many historical events, organizes events and concerts at certain times.

  1. Girne Castle

Kyrenia Castle is among the symbolic structures in the region. With the structure built by the Byzantines in the 1700s, it was aimed to be protected from the Arabs. Today, the castle has become a museum. There are many works belonging to Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman and British in the museum. Among the most interesting places in the castle is the dungeon set up for torture.

  1. Buffavento Castle

Built with Byzantine architecture, the castle is located in the Beşparmak Mountains. It is 950 meters above sea level. Let's point out that the road to the building, which is a natural defense system, is a bit dangerous. However, the breathtaking view you will see after the journey that takes about 20 minutes will erase all your tiredness.

  1. St. Hilarion Castle

It is one of the 3 most interesting and magnificent castles of Cyprus. The castle, where you can see the whole of Kyrenia, has also inspired the Snow White fairy tale. Make sure to take a camera with you before you go to see this structure that absorbs its historical texture.

  1. Girne Harbor

Girne Limanı

People who want to see the history and beauties of Cyprus closely should definitely go to Kyrenia Harbor. The port, which was used as a warehouse for carob and salt in the past, is now a marina operation. There are many cafes and restaurants here. If you want, you can come to the port and enjoy the view by drinking a delicious coffee.

  1. Blue Mansion

The mansion, which belongs to Pablo Pavilides of Greek origin, the biggest arms smuggler in the Middle East, is one of the most attractive spots in the region. The fact that the originality of the mansion is intact and the rooms full of secrets astonish those who see it.

  1. Salamis Ancient City

The ancient city, which is 6 km away from the city of Famagusta, rises from the Troodos mountain. There are different rumors about the ancient city, which is not known exactly who founded it. In some sources, it is said that it was founded by Tefkros, son of Telamon, the king of Salamis island.

  1. Kantara Castle

Kantara Castle, a castle in the Beşparmak Mountains in Cyprus, is one of the places to visit with its view. This castle, which has been partially restored, has a sea view. You can also have a picnic here. In this way, you can relieve stress while having fun.

  1. Sunken Ship Museum

It is possible to come across the traces of many invaders in this museum, which was built to protect from Arab sailors. The sunken ship was discovered by chance. In 1967, British scientists carried out studies and brought the ship to the surface. Today, people who come here watch both the museum and the artifacts with great admiration.

  1. Karaoğlanoğlu Museum and Cemetery

Karaoğlanoğlu Müzesi ve Şehitliği

This martyrdom, which was built in memory of the soldiers who died as a result of the Cyprus operation, was named after Halil İbrahim Karaoğlanoğlu. Visiting the museum and the martyrdom allows one to experience bitterness as a one-on-one witness to the past. Especially the vehicles exhibited in the museum are among the details that attract the attention of the visitors.

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