Places to Stay and Hotels In Nicosia - Cyprus Journey

Places to Stay and Hotels In Nicosia

Nicosia is located in the middle of Cyprus. Capital Nicosia; As the most populous city of Cyprus, it is rich in history, culture and natural beauties.

Tue, 14 Jun 2022

Nicosia is located in the middle of Cyprus. It is the capital of both Northern and Southern Cyprus. Capital Nicosia; As the most populous city of Cyprus, it is rich in history, culture and natural beauties.

Nicosia is divided into two by the Green Line. The north of this shining city is the region belonging to the Turkish Republic of Cyprus. Nicosia is full of treasures to visit and experience. If you are going to this beautiful city of Cyprus, it will be useful to arrange accommodation in advance. There are accommodation options for every budget in Nicosia. You can evaluate options such as hotels, residences, rental villas, holiday homes or pensions. We have searched for you some accommodation options that are liked by tourists and stand out with their quality difference:

Hotel Valide Hanım Konak

Hotel Valide Hanım Konak

You can have a great time in the historical mansion. If you want to stay in a place worthy of a Cyprus holiday, you can choose this mansion. You can see the traces of the historical texture in every detail of the stone building. You can also enjoy the famous dishes of Cyprus at the hotel restaurant. This hotel offers options such as a non-smoking area and a family room. The hotel is on Kyrenia Street.

Merit Nicosia Hotel & Casino

It is one of the most admired Nicosia hotels with its luxurious atmosphere. It has a special casino where casino games can be played in high quality. Facilities such as fitness, swimming pool or gym are also included in the hotel services. The hotel, which is 3 km away from the center of Nicosia, has a free shuttle service from the airport.

Merit Nicosia Hotel Casino

Jumba Hotel

Djumba Hotel, which presents the historical house concept in a modern way, is a cute and stylish option. Unlike the classic hotel room, it offers wooden decoration and country style. You can choose this hotel to feel at home in Cyprus.

Nicosia Eagle Eye

Offering an artistic and quite distinctive style, the hotel is the perfect choice for a pleasant stay. Located at 16 Celaliye Sokak, the hotel's unique atmosphere is impressive. You can choose from a king suite, suites and classic rooms.

Sun Residence

Providing economical accommodation with city and nature views, Güneş Residence is located on Mehmet Akif Caddesi. If you are looking for an affordable, clean and pleasant accommodation, you can consider this option.

Aksaray Pension

Aksaray Pension, one of the popular accommodation options, is located in the center of Nicosia. It offers budget-friendly accommodation with economical price opportunities. It is close to the historical places and touristic points of Nicosia.

Golden Tulip Nicosia Hotel and Casino

Golden Tulip Nicosia Hotel and Casino

You will prefer luxury accommodation for your Nicosia holiday, you can evaluate this hotel. The casino section is quite impressive and the hotel offers luxurious rooms and service facilities. It is located on Dereboyu Street in the city center. It is also very close to places to visit.

Sky Roof Hotel

Popular for its rooftop outdoor swimming pool, the hotel has a wealth of leisure facilities. Its restaurant serves Cypriot and international cuisine. It is a luxurious and enjoyable accommodation option.

Gul Hanım Boutique Hotel

You can choose option B to have an unforgettable accommodation experience with antique decorations in a historical Cyprus house. Located at 36 Celaliye Sokak, this wonderful boutique hotel is an ideal option for those who want to experience the history and culture of Cyprus to the full.

Besides the hotels, you can also stay in Nicosia by renting a house. You can evaluate different rental house options such as villas, holiday homes, studio apartments in the city center.

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