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Things to Do in Kyrenia Trip

Kyrenia is one of the most striking regions of Cyprus. Because Kyrenia is home to many historical and touristic points. Things to Do in Kyrenia Trip

Mon, 27 Mar 2023

Kyrenia is one of the most striking regions of Cyprus. Because Kyrenia is home to many historical and touristic points. For this reason, there is a sightseeing point and activity plan that attracts the attention of people of all ages. But first, you need to prepare a travel plan. In this article, we will give information about what to do in Kyrenia. You can create your travel plans by reading our article and have an unforgettable holiday experience.

Boat Pleasure in the Mediterranean

Who can say “no” to a boat trip in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean? We can guarantee that you will have unforgettable moments thanks to the boat tours where you can relieve the stress of the whole year. Boat tours take place at certain times of the day. For this reason, it is useful to contact the companies to get information about pricing and hours. Food and beverages are also provided on some boats. While you are on the boat, you can also take a break and enjoy swimming. However, we recommend that you research the boat you plan to board and its possibilities beforehand.

Excursion in Kyrenia Mountains

Girne Dağlarında Gezi

Kyrenia is a region that stands out with its mountains. Here, each mountain hosts a different beauty. Especially Kyrenia Castle is among the most attractive places in the region. In the mountains, where you can enjoy the sea view, you can breathe the clean air to the fullest. History and tourism are intertwined in the Beşparmak Mountains. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you create your travel plans in the region and spend at least one day exploring the mountains.

Discovering Major Attractions

There are many touristic spots waiting to be discovered in Kyrenia. If you want to see the important points during the tour, you must first determine your route. Some of the important touristic spots in Kyrenia we recommend for you are:

  1. Bellapais Abbey
  2. Kyrenia Castle
  3. Buffavento Castle
  4. Church of Antiphonitis
  5. Blue Mansion
  6. Shipwreck Museum
  7. Kyrenia Marina
  8. Archangelos Michaeil Icon Museum
  9. Tomb of Hazrat Omar.

Experiencing the Tastes Unique to Kyrenia

One of the sine qua non of a pleasant and entertaining holiday is to experience the delicious foods of Kyrenia. Kyrenia cuisine is very rich in seafood. You can eat delicious foods in Kyrenia and leave an unforgettable taste on your palate. Hummus, peach kebab and halloumi cheese are among the foods that stand out in Kyrenia. In addition to these, mucendra pilaf, molehiya and fava are among the popular tastes. One of the flavors that attract attention especially by tourists in the summer months is paste. The paste, eaten with ice, is an excellent way to cool off.

Dalış Yapmak


Who doesn't want to see the colorful life under the water? Many people come to Kyrenia and enjoy diving. You can scuba and snorkel in Kyrenia. Various activities are organized at the diving points, which you can easily reach from the port. Diving by participating in these activities turns the fun into a sweet competition.


You can surf and enjoy the wind in Kyrenia. You can collect unforgettable memories while having fun thanks to the surfing that takes place at different points. It should also be noted that kitesurfing is another frequent activity in the region.

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