Kids Festival in Courtyard Resort Hotel - Cyprus Journey
Kids Festival 14 August 2021

The new star of Pier, Courtyard Long Beach Holiday Resort, gave its guests unforgettable moments during the holiday. From the first day of the holiday, the guests had an experience that will make a name for themselves. The facility won the admiration of everyone from 7 to 70 with its landscaping, wide social activity areas, quality and customer satisfaction-oriented service approach. Many activities such as a kids festival, pool party, pool games, salsa party and live music were held at the Courtyard, where all rooms were filled 1 month in advance of the Bayram. The guests, who showed great interest in the activities, enjoyed the 80-meter-long outdoor pool and the aqua park to the fullest. Guests who prefer the sea, on the other hand, preferred Long Beach, one of the most popular beaches of the island, which is within walking distance of the Courtyard. Combining seaside life with its own facilities, Courtyard offered flat owners and holidaymakers a five-star holiday. Courtyard Delicious Restaurant, located within the facility, took the guests on a delicious journey of taste. It made its difference with its rich menu, privileged tastes and professional management.

An Amazing Project

In Courtyard Long Beach, which is a 600-meter walk from the sea, the courtyard where the landscaping, pool, restaurant, bar, playgrounds and other outdoor activities take place stands out as the theme of the project. In the 500-meter perimeter behind the blocks, space has been created for bicycles and walking paths, as well as the use of an electric vehicle charging station and parking lot.

The architectural design of Courtyard Long Beach has deliberate openings designed as passages under the buildings to bring the cool summer winds coming from the sea direction to the courtyard and to provide microclimate conditions. All apartments, ranging from studio to three-bedroom, have large balconies ranging from 8-20 m2 overlooking the courtyard. To customize the gardens of the apartments on the ground floor and give a sense of separation, a private area is provided with three steps raised.

On the ground floor of the North Block, where the Courtyard Long Beach Holiday Resort reception is located, there is a gym, indoor heated pool, game room, spa, steam room, sauna, Turkish bath, massage rooms, beauty center and other facilities. In addition to the hotel rooms, Courtyard's signature is being created for pleasant family holidays by offering options from various apartment types reserved for rental within the scope of the project.