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Northern Cyprus draws attention with its affordable prices compared to many countries in the fields of technological medicine and dental health, especially in vitro fertilization.

10 September 2020

North Cyprus is an Important Country in Health Tourism

While the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus draws attention with its affordable prices compared to many countries in the fields of technological medicine, especially in vitro fertilization treatment, and dental health, the fact that it has a suitable climate for the treatment and post-operative rest period also increases its importance in health tourism. Many of those who come to Cyprus for a vacation combines health and vacation. During their stay in the country, they have the chance to do private medical or infertility/in vitro fertilization treatment, aesthetic or general surgery and dental treatment at very affordable prices.

North Cyprus Important Country in Health Tourism

The Best Hospitals of the Eastern Mediterranean

Cyprus welcomes many visitors, especially from European countries, thanks to the short waiting time for surgery and the availability of special medical and dental treatment such as implants at affordable prices. All tests and results during the treatment are performed in high-tech laboratories. Most hospitals and clinics have radiology departments and intensive care units. These centers offer all kinds of health services, especially dermatology, nutrition, aesthetics, dental treatment, physiotherapy, IVF treatment and heart diseases. Thanks to the academic development of the universities on the island, the best hospitals of the Eastern Mediterranean region have been established in Northern Cyprus.

No Distinction in Healthcare

Hospitals that have made a name for themselves with world-class treatments have not only made Northern Cyprus known, but also raised the country's health tourism to a certain level. Among the infertility treatment options available only in Northern Cyprus are services such as baby sex, tandem cycle treatment and preimplantation genetic diagnosis. In order to receive IVF treatment, there is no discrimination such as race, ethnicity or gender. Everyone in the country benefits from the same health services.

No Discrimination in Healthcare

Life Center Services

In Northern Cyprus, which is a wonderful place for surgery and treatment, aged people are less affected by health problems such as arthritis and asthma, and their recovery is completed in a short time. Cyprus, which receives more than three hundred days of sunshine a year, is more suitable than many countries in terms of both accommodation and flight tickets. Those staying in five-star hotels can also benefit from the wellness center that offers local or international methods.

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