Cultural Riches of Northern Cyprus - Cyprus Journey

Cultural Riches of Northern Cyprus

You will encounter delicious food and beautiful places from every region of Northern Cyprus.

29 March 2020

North Cyprus Local Tastes

 If you are in the Famagusta region, you should definitely go to Palm Beach and stop by one of the restaurants and cafes there and eat the food you find suitable for your palate. Our recommendation is that you do not leave the region without visiting Palm House, which has the local dishes of Northern Cyprus on its menu. Especially, Magarına Bulli and Molehiya are among our favourites.

Where to Eat Peach Kebab

Peach Kebab

Another must-try flavor is peach kebab. There are many taverns in Famagusta Kaleiçi. You have to stop at one and ask for your peach kebab. After eating, you should stop by one of the cute cafes in Kaleiçi for dessert and taste the " Ekmek Kadayı ". It is especially delicious with ice cream on the side. Of course, it is not possible to return to the island without eating fish. For fish, Pier – The restaurants in the Bosphorus region are the center of attention for everyone. The fact that most of the restaurants are by the sea will be a feast for both your eyes and your stomach. We recommend that you go to the Körfez restaurant on the Bosphorus and ask for the fresh fish of the day. One of our other indispensable tastes is Fırın Kebab. When you eat this local dish, which is cooked in stone ovens for hours, against the view of Karpaz, it will become one of your indispensable tastes.

What is the vegetation of Cyprus?

The vegetation that Cyprus dominates is maquis vegetation. It consists of small trees and shrubs with an average size of 1-2 meters. There are trees such as wild olive, blackberry, Mediterranean laurel, sandalwood, oleander among the trees with maquis vegetation that can be durable in arid conditions. The maquis vegetation forms a very dense web on the soil.

Northern Cyprus Seas

Surrounded by clear waters on all sides, Cyprus is a paradise for sea lovers. Your sea pleasure will never end with its clean beaches. Among the beaches we will recommend for you are Iskele Public Beach in the Iskele Region, and in the Famagusta region; There are Glapsides Beach, Bedis Beach, Silver Beach. In the Karpas Region; Altinkum Beach, in the Kyrenia region; There are Alagadi Beach, Alsancak Beach and Diana Beach.

Northern Cyprus Seas

Official Language Turkish

There is no linguistic difference between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, whose official language is Turkish, and the Republic of Turkey, but the only difference is dialect. The people of both countries do not have a problem with not understanding each other. It is taught in different languages, especially English, in Cyprus Schools.

Muslims And Non-Muslims Live Together

In the country, which is mostly Muslim worshipping is done in mosques, and there are also places of worship such as churches, chapels and synagogues. Because non-Muslims such as the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, the Greek Orthodox Church and the Jewish Community live in the country. In addition, citizens of different European countries live in the country permanently.

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