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Climate and Weather

In the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, where a wonderful Mediterranean climate prevails, it is mild all year. The scorching heat of the summer months leaves its place to a warm and calm season in the winter.

10 September 2020

Every Season Is Another Beautiful

Every season is beautiful in the country, you will see the living conditions of each period according to its own. In Cyprus, where there are more water sports and sea activities in the summer months, sports such as nature walks, cycling, golf and tennis are ideal choices in the winter months.

Every Season Is Another Beautiful

A Dream Land

Tourists, who enjoy the sea, which locals often enjoy in June and September, live between April and November. The temperatures, which see 40 degrees in summer, do not go below 10 degrees in winter. North Cyprus, a paradise in every season, is a rare country where you can go whenever you want, a dreamland. Imagine that moment when you immerse yourself in the cool waters of the Mediterranean from the golden yellow sands that are scorched by the heat of summer.

Isn't even dreaming enough for you to rest?

Or in January, which is the coldest month, you are alone with nature on the island dominated by every tone of nature on a thin coat. Just dreaming is enough to relax, isn't it? It is difficult to find words to describe the pleasure of leaving a whole year behind you while tasting delicious Cypriot delicacies in the company of the enchanting landscape. If you need to gather energy for a new year, do not limit the time to go to Northern Cyprus. Nature is ready to host you with all its charm in the country where every season is bestowed with a different beauty.

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